Comfort Food

Last night, we got soaked in the woods. I had calculated correctly that the rain, which had started before I even left work, would keep casual strollers and pretty much anyone but the die hard dog walker indoors, but I had not counted on it turning into a waterfall that forced us to cut our walk short and drenched me even through the rain-resistent jacket (ah, there we learn the fine difference between rain-resistent and rain-proof). The perfect conclusion to the day’s events would have been a cup of hot chocolate, had it not been so warm outside.

This morning, the rain continued. I caught myself lying in bed just before the alarm went off, thinking “oh, not again” as the drops splattered against the windows. Ironically, it let up for the few minutes it took us to drive out to our walking area, just to flatten down my hair for the second in time in less than 24 hours right after we had started out.

And now here I sit. When I turn around, I can just see through K.’s window. All I see is grey, and the limbs of a tree swaying in the wind. No doubt the car and I will have a nice slide home over the lakelike autobahn. All I can think of is, half an hour until lunch. I need my coconut-banana-chocolate crepe! It’s not even mid-August, and a couple of days ago, I enjoyed icecream outside with C. and her mother. Now, my body is beginning to think it’s suddenly fall and craving comfort food.

The amazing thing is, if the weekend turns out like this, I may not even mind. I can’t think of many things that are more enjoyable than laying around with the cuddle zoo, reading or watching tv, thick socks on my feet, candles burning, Max’s big head in my lap like he was last night. Weather like this makes me crave rest and quiet.

I am so looking forward to that crepe!!!


2 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Well, that sounds nice. The warm/hot weather is nice, but at times, I find I’m looking forward to the dreary weather so I can lay around and not feel guilty about doing it 🙂

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