Living a girl’s adventure tale

Never a dull moment for this kid! The day started perfectly: the dogs and I took an early morning walk in the woods and did not run into any wild pigs (after mommy -that’s me- remembered that early in the morning is probably perfect pig meeting time). In fact, they were quite well behaved except when Max started acting like he wanted to run up the ravine to the autobahn and I had to walk him on leash for a small stretch.

I took my time and got the place cleaned up for Claudia and her mom. Anke was going to come to Ludwigsburg with us to the wine fest and dinner, then we were all going to walk the dogs together for the evening. And then, things started to go awry. Anke canceled after getting stung in the foot by a wasp. We went to LB anyway and enjoyed the fest, but the walk to the restaurant took a lot longer than we had expected, and when we got there, the food wasn’t anything to write in a blog about. But the kicker was, when we got back, the ladies wanted to drive home, so I was going to walk the dogs alone.

So… I run in, get the dogs dressed, grab their treats, my license and what I think are the Jeep keys. The second I press the elevator button, I realize that I have a Honda key and a mailbox key! And no phone and no way to get back in the house!! B. wasn’t home, later found out he didn’t have a spare key anyway. Michele has one, but doesn’t answer her phone. My friendly upstairs neighbors are letting me use all of their available resources, and yet, I cannot get a hold of anyone who can help me. Meanwhile, the dogs are hungry and getting nervous because they have to wait outside on the patio. I’m feeling bad. U. has to call his psycho ex-girlfriend to get me Michele’s number who then… see above.

Finally, B. gets me M.’s number in the States and I find out there’s a spare key, thank goodness!! Of course, I just spent an hour and a half fretting, and the dogs still haven’t been fed. Now, I’m looking forward to bed and never having to do this little action again. đŸ™‚ The pups are in bed already, the cat just threw up on the floor, and things are going back to normal.

Ok, Rufus is grumbling. I gotta go… Y’all behave, you hear!


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