Oh, brother! Why art thou…

I’d like to say that I’m about to write a beautifully eloquent piece of prose for you guys and post it here for your perusing pleasure. I’d like to say that. But I won’t. I still can’t believe the weekend went by so quickly! I’m ready for another break…

Monday thrust me back into the goings-on at the office in a most spiteful manner. Try to create new user accounts while your server loses connectivity every other minute, I dare you! If at least afterwards my task were done, but now I’ve been fighting with the doubtless pointy-haired idiots at the ESD to get said user account mail-enabled. Since when does it take two days (!!) to make a mailbox? If it’s THAT much work, go back to the happy days before Active Directory and micro-managing and let me make my own mailboxes.

Two days… it’s only Wednesday. Not even noon yet. This has been enough time to make me really hate my desk chair – have we heard of ergonomics? Guess not. And the fact that I’m commuting 200 km every day until I die (at least it feels that way from this side of the calendar) is absolutely killing my back. I need a break!!

Yeah, yeah, and maybe I’m just tired…


2 thoughts on “Oh, brother! Why art thou…

  1. Well, it’s nice to know that you just can’t fuckingbleeped out ignore me letting off some steam just because my back really bloody hurts, which you have no problem announcing to everyone within earshot when it’s your issue! I’m sure my back would hurt no matter what because the car has shitty seats with no support and not much padding, so get the hellbleeped out over yourself. If you have nothing to contribute, don’t.

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