Everything in Moderation

I don’t know why I’m so experimental these days. Maybe I’m bored. In any case, I was inspired by the upcoming Barcamp for Women in Munich and have created a group on XING called Web for Women. For only having been active online, it’s going well so far. This week’s challenge: starting to populate with content! Ha, I’m a moderator!


2 thoughts on “Everything in Moderation

  1. You could (alternatively) try out mixxt.de for the Community. Nearly all other BarCamps in Germany run on that platform. It lets you start your own Community, with freedom for design, branding and exactly the amount of privacy you want. It’s free and you can get going in a few minutes 😉

    Just a small hint…

    Kind regards,


  2. I like mixxt, too; after all, I’m going to the “big Barcamp” in October. 🙂 It does look pretty easy. As far as the Frauenbarcamp is concerned, I didn’t have anything to do with hosting their site, and since Mirjam works at groops, they did it there.

    The XING group isn’t limited to BarCamps, however, or at least I certainly hope it won’t be. If my career as group moderator/host takes off, though, I will definitely try other places. After all, a girl needs something to blog about, as well!

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