The Trick with the Built-in Tool

I stayed at my sister’s on Saturday. We had a lovely day, a little shopping (nothing frivolous, quite the contrary: sensible carrots and parsley for her furry nephew), a movie, some dinner. She had bought an air mattress especially for the occasion. It had a built-in pump. This was going to a breeze…

About two hours after unfurling the rubber mattress, we were cursing the trick of the built-in tool. Pump? Yeah, right! It’s a foam block underneath the third valve. The idea is, you close off two of the valves, leave the third open and then step onto the foam block to pump air into the mattress. However, a lot of it escapes right back out of the gigantic hole if you don’t place your foot right. And the foam block is so small, only teeny tiny amounts of air get in at all. I finally slept -amazingly well- on an air mattress that was, at best, two thirds inflated.

I very nearly got sore muscles from all the action. It felt like practicing for Lord of the Dance.

My sister says for the next visit she’s buying an actual electric pump.


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