If I’m so healthy, why do I feel so bad?

Nothing like a good hook in the beginning, is there? Actually, I’ve long suspected I may suffer from a light version of seasonal affective disorder. Yesterday, when the sun was out, I had a great time at the laundromat (yes, doing laundry). Today, I could barely drag my butt out of bed. All because of a few clouds.

So, am I so healthy? Perhaps not mentally (haha, I KNOW what some of you are thinking, you know), but physically yes. Nearly no aches and pains, I’m drinking water, eating my veggies and attempting to go the bio route more often. Really that means eating at Füllhorn, because at home, I don’t cook.

One thing I kind of miss but never seem ready for anymore at six o’clock in the morning is that first cup of coffee. For a while, I would buy a cup next door, but the place doesn’t open until nine and my craving kicks in around eight. Also, have you ever added up all those dollars you spend on watery Maxwell House? I could’ve kept my suscription for Martha Stewart’s Living! Actually, that would’ve probably been cheaper. The solution for right now is to use instant. And before you go eeeeeew!, let me just say that I’m not a fan of the Nescafé solution espoused by my French colleague. But I do enjoy the vanilla “fake” grain coffee Füllhorn offers, so I bought me a jar of that stuff. It smells the same, it tastes similar enough, and I don’t get heartburn if I drink more than two cups.

Now, if only I could find a good way to shake off this lack of motivation that sneaks up on me some days, jumping on me from some dark bushes and clamping its little teeth into my neck like some metaphysical vampire…


2 thoughts on “If I’m so healthy, why do I feel so bad?

  1. I was thinking that myself. Besides the yoga, I also have an exercise DVD that I think might be helpful (a magazine freebie, some of those are great!). Next step before that, however, is cleaning the house!!!

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