What can I tell you?

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to since last week. Well, I’ll admit it, I’ve been blogging on the other two sites and planning my website, which, thanks to my husband’s generosity, may get fiddled with this weekend. Who’d have thunk I was so prolific? 😉

I’ve been providing moral support to my friend in Frankfurt who’s going to be a world-famous massage therapist soon, but must first let her arm heal, which oddly enough she injured massaging another friend of mine. Ooops! You can see why I have a karmic debt to pay off by keeping her spirits up.

My sister is about to celebrate her… thirty-somethingth birthday. Weren’t we just two gangly teenagers a couple of years ago?

And I’m reading. On a visit to a friend near Ludwigshafen the other day, I inherited five novels that she had sorted out, plus I’m reading up on WordPress, PLUS I have two books I bought myself and one my mom gave me! You can see why my house needs a thorough cleaning again soon: it’s so the dust mites don’t eat my precious paper!

Feeling up to date yet? Then let me conclude by telling you about one of my favorite things to do: laugh. I love going to bed happy. That’s why I’m indulging my inner couch potatoe by watching, gulp!, the entire series of Friends at the moment. No, not in one sitting. One laugh at a time. And it is GOOD.


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