Party with a little German

Chances are, I may have to take the dreaded Einbürgerungstest to become a Kraut again (and I say this with affection). It goes into effect on September 1, and I have not done much but watched the leaves on the calendar turn. But at least I’m not as stupid on all things German as I had feared: in the sample test, I had 32 out of 33 questions correct, although no bundeslandspezifische questions were asked. To pass, one must answer 17 questions correctly.

A few years ago, I took the citizenship test to get my blue passport. Of course, I hardly think I was a fair example! The entire procedure took about 30 minutes, the questions were eeeeeasy! Nothing at all compared to the drilling they gave my friend’s mother. Then again, I came from a democratic country. She was a communist (no, she was Russian, but you see why they may have been more stringent with her).

The German test asks a lot of common culture questions, like “on what day do Germans dress up in costumes” or “who is the current Bundeskanzler/-in”? I think it is fair to expect people to know this kind of stuff about a country they want to become a citizen of. It would not have surprised me to be asked about barbecues and Halloween before getting my US passport… 😉


2 thoughts on “Party with a little German

  1. Yup. Actually, I grew up German, then much later got naturalized in the US, now wanting to come back. Actually, once the preliminary stuff’s out of the way, my Sachbearbeiterin tells me, the actual re-naturalization should be fairly quick.

    If only I had that new job… 😉

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