Kinotag: Die Welle

Finally, we made it to the movies again last night, after the piggie decided he was now sufficiently empty to reload with food. So, Claudia and I set out for our local Filmpalast to see the German film “Die Welle“. The storyline is based on a real-life experiment conducted in the late 60s at an American high school after the thesis was put forward that modern society would no longer support a dictatorship along the lines of faschism. I had read the book a long time ago. Now I’m finding out that in 1981, there was also a tv movie based on the same material. Ron Jones was the teacher in the original experiment. You can read his account here.

After all this, let’s just say about this version that it is highly recommendable and plausible, as well. The actors are perfect for their roles, and especially the younger ones provide excellent portrayals of typical teenagers and their dreams, hopes and fears. The highly dramatic ending, however, played out somewhat differently in real life, and more along the lines I would have expected a teacher to attempt to finish this experiment, based on the given premise.

Nearly equally dramatic was our decision to forego the cocktails at the adjoining Metropolis Lounge, after Claudia was served a Southern Comfort with Ginger Ale that had an odd taste to it and I nearly gagged on my unrecognizably sweet Cosmopolitan. The Metropolis Lounge should send their bartender back to school for another round or hire someone who can at least read a mixing book and follow instructions. Yuch!


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