My cards have repeated what the cheap horoscope said, what I really already know: right now is a period of collecting, of resting, of not moving forward. I know I need it, too, because I’ve been feeling stressed beyond belief (I’ve mentioned some of the stressors, the biggest being my pigwig’s mystery illness) and because not once have I described this phase as stagnation (which I am woefully familiar with, for reasons I don’t need to go into). So, rest it is.

I consider myself lucky to have friends who seem to know the exact moment when they need to pop up at my house or in my mailbox or extend an invitation, even though a good number have their own frustrations to deal with, providing me with distraction from mine. I consider myself lucky, as well,ย that they share their sorrows with me, because -as readers of my previous blog well remember- I hate being left out with a non-committal “nothing going on here.”

So, this weekend has nothing on the calendar except as much relaxation as I am able to fit in without going stir-crazy. And hopefully, Louie will start being his old self again, too.


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