Fear grips the heart

Last night, I almost thought I might have good news for today. Ferkel got his medication, I force-fed him some sweet potato baby food, wiped his bottom and put him in his runaround with a handful of food, cut into tiny bits. He munched down on the leafy greens and left some poopy spots, so I had hopes that he’d at least leave some droppings overnight. But then this morning, I was nearly sure he’d gotten worse, since he had no interest at all in even sniffing his breakfast.

So, more meds. More force feeding. More tiny morsels. This is very scary.


2 thoughts on “Fear grips the heart

  1. Well, he left one little beanie while I was cleaning his cage and he’s been eating carrot greens that I’m cutting up for him, but not much else. Interestingly enough, he seems pretty lively and even nearly muiked a bit for breakfast. I cut up hay for him, too, and tell myself he’s actually eating it.

    I had to get more baby food for him, since he doesn’t like the carrots and absolutely refused to eat more sweet potatoes last night before bed.

    So, we’ll have to wait and see…

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