And just when you thought there would be no more news on the job front, -tada!-, I pull a fast one. On Monday, I got a phone call from a very nice lady from an agency in Munich whom I had asked to extend my access to my online profile so I could upload some materials to impress potential employers with. She did. Urging me to please send a lot of stuff asap, as they were very interested in me. Ha!

So, I made some of my friends and ex-coworkers get on it and write me some words of praise, which I will shamelessly scan in and add to my profile. Yes, shamelessly, the more so as they are true. In the right environment, I am a model employee. And since I can take a lot of shit, as evidenced by some relationship issues I may have had in the past, I hang in there until the bitter end.

Just one word of warning: so far, every place I’ve worked for has either been sold/bought or closed after my departure. *charming smile* But don’t let that deter you from hiring me…


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