I feel good (deededeededeededud)

It’s a topic that has more women concerned than men, and normally, I don’t care, but I’ve lost weight again. On the US scales, I broke the 150 lb.-marker, meaning I’m just below. And on my mom’s wobbly German scales, I come in at just 68 kg. My best weight was about 145 lbs. when we lived in Augsburg and I went to the gym more or less regularly. But this weekend, I’m feeling great, especially since I just inherited my first pair of skinny jeans since I was a teenager! How awesome is that!

On top of that, we had a really fun get-together with a bunch of my sister’s new friends last night. We met five of them at a Vietnamese restaurant in Nürnberg where we sat around, yakked and enjoyed wonderful food until after 23 hrs. We were indeed the last guests to leave. The weather was lovely, very comfortable.  The only slight smudge on the day was the fact that the Russians managed to beat the Netherlands in the European Cup, but I’m a bit on the fence about that, anyway, as the Russian trainer is Guus Hiddinck, who managed to get the Australians into the quarter finals in the World Cup two years ago. So, even though I’m no fan of the team, I do like the trainer quite a bit. Congratulations, Guus!

And now I must go and find something to do during these very hot hours of the day before I can take my pigwig home with me… good thing my mom lent me a book!


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