Hard Drive Space: the Final Frontier

I’m pretty content with my very own MacBook, which I affectionately call the Mac Daddy, except for one thing: the hard drive is a joke. Considering Apple’s reputation for great graphics rendering and exceptional recreational viewing pleasures, it pains me greatly that only four season of television programming should be able to pretty much cease all processing on the thing. Normally, I would burn all that crap onto DVDs, but I don’t like clutter, either. So, today I purchased an external hard drive. At 160 GB, it has easily twice the storage space the laptop has, is very much smaller and was very much cheaper, as well: $89.90 at AAFES.

Certainly, not everyone has the benefit to shop there, but sometimes, little things really do add up. And the hardware wasn’t the only thing AAFES does cheaper than Apple: I purchased two seasons of “Sex and the City” from iTunes at $23 each and just recently found out that I can save three bucks on future purchases by going to my military supplier of choice (or not, but that’s another topic).

Back to my crammed hard drive, though. I’m planning on pulling off all videos and all photos to store on the external drive. While I’m at it, I should probably back up my iTunes library, as well. And then there’s those CDs I’m supposed to have burned a long time ago, another little weekend project I’m actually looking forward to. Afterwards, the Mac Daddy should feel much relieved of stuff. And I can go back to getting some work done for a change.


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