No rest for the wicked

I could write about seeing the musical on Friday night and how wonderful it was, how time flew by, how great the music was and how engaging the storyline. I could say if you have the chance to see it, go, go, go, see it! I could explain how odd and yet kind of neat it was to spot someone in the ensemble whom I had seen only a couple of months ago in another, smaller production of another musical, in which he had also stood out, albeit in a much more prominent role. I could talk about all that, and it would tie beautifully into the title I just created.

But instead, I will simply say, it’s been a busy weekend, and instead of resting for a day and not going anywhere on this early Sunday, I must take the train back down later this afternoon, for the new car is finally coming home this week. Although ‘coming home’ is rather exaggerated in light of the fact that a mere two days from now, my week-long commute between the two places will begin, and I won’t be staying at my home at all.


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