Kinotag: Sex and the City

Claudia and I had a girls’ night out last night and went to the premiere of “SATC” at the Luxor. We had very decent seats in the lower ranks. Naturally, as expected, the show was completely sold out, mostly to women with their girlfriends, although we spotted a few guys who’d probably been dragged in by their girlfriends.

The atmosphere was kind of cool, like sitting in a giant living room with about 200 of your friends, watching “SATC” on tv. Throughout the film, people were quite animated. There were short comments, laughs, moans, a collective whooping when sexy Dante took his shower. The scene in which Carrie has her Vogue-shoot was heavily critiqued throughout. Some characters from the show seemed to have been brought back merely to be in the film – I’m thinking Stanford here- and others, like Charlotte’s adoptive daughter, were simply terrible actors and quite clearly filler material. But overall, we both enjoyed visiting with the gals very much.

“SATC” goes much more into the personal drama of each woman, and there is drama aplenty. In the end, luckily, love wins every time.

I even liked the sound track, at least during the showing. Tonight, I will test if I still like it without a superior sound system, and if I do, I finally know what to do with my iTunes birthday coupon.


2 thoughts on “Kinotag: Sex and the City

  1. Well, I listened to the snippets of most of the titles on iTunes before I downloaded the soundtrack, but I haven’t actually listened to it yet, being stuck between two blaring radios at work. I still like it, though. And it was surprisingly cheap: 14 or so songs for $9.99! I also found the Eurovision song from Romania on iTunes (!), so I still have $14 to spend when the next season of Californication comes out…

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