Life Ain’t Like the Movies

But sometimes, it’s nearly as good! I went down to Stuttgart yesterday to test drive a Honda Toyota (of course) Yaris and LOVED it! It’s like driving the Jeep without being in the Jeep! Tomorrow, I’ll have to talk to my insurance guy and then keep your fingers crossed!

The movies, on the other hand, sometimes have a hard time performing up to the hype. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” really didn’t, although, had it been made in the 80s the exact way it was made now, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of alien conspiracies to begin with, I don’t like it when wonderful actresses are made to look unattractive only to make them more *commie*, and let’s not start talking about all the holes in the plot. But I didn’t fall asleep during the film, and so, not all was lost.

Today, though, I was able to finally catch a film I had been wanting to see: “The Assassination of the Outlaw Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”. Brad Pitt makes a convincing crazy gang boss, but Casey Affleck as the attention-starved young Bob Ford who later has to battle ridicule, hate, and his own guilty conscience really stole the show. Very worth watching!

That’s the news for today!


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