A Perfect Day

When you sign up for those friendship communities, you are usually prompted to fill out a profile. And many times, as part of this profiling process, you are asked what your perfect day would look like. Most people then write about sleeping late, spending time with their kids, hiking/biking/swimming/sex, beach time, leisure time, time to read, sunny days, and so on. Normally, I would say something like that myself. But yesterday was so close to a perfect day, I’d be hardpressed to try and make something else up.

First of all, I woke up, having slept great! No small feat when you suffer from headaches two days in a row. And you trace the source back to your crooked neck, which somehow keeps getting dislodged from your comfy pillow at night. But I had managed to do qi gong and get good rest the night before, so no issues there. My day remained pain-free.

At eleven, I met P. downtown for my appointment. The lady at the city office was friendly and helpful. Afterwards, P. and I had some lunch together, or rather, I lunched and she had coffee. I felt pretty good by the time I got back to my office. The afternoon was fairly quiet. I helped out on a small photography project and otherwise found that happily, I am very nearly finished with my translation work. The one twinge of the day was having to spend $200 for car parts, and that’s before anything’s been done to the car yet!

In the evening, I attended my journalism class. It’s ten women and one tall German journalist, what a hoot! Actually, as first lessons go, it was a little boring. Germans tend to be so much stiffer and more formal than what I’m used to from university, but luckily, by the end of the evening, we were having fun at our pretend staff meeting, sorting through fake headlines. An added bonus: no homework on the first day!

 On top of all that, I had some lovely little surprises throughout the day and some very enjoyable emails, so tell me how I can top a day like that…

 P.S. I nearly forgot: I got notification that my business cards have shipped.


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