April Approaching

Slowly, things are warming up outside. And slowly, things are warming up in my life, too. I’m kind of excited about April, because the calendar is getting fuller, and finally, there seems to be a forward trend. Wednesday’s the day; first, the appointment at 11 (and although Claudia is now going to be here, I kind of doubt she’ll be going with me. So, it’ll be just my nerves and I). Then, in the evening I start my writing class. Then comes Munich. After that, my mom. After her, Malu. And so it continues. I’m very much hoping to finally be able to start applying for jobs, as well, that really being a big concern.

 Yesterday I learned that apparently there will be another tax refund coming this way sometime in the summer. It’s a lovely sound, that jingling of cash in your pocket… and of course, I’m investigating my German banking options. Currently, I’m leaning towards a girokonto with ING-DiBa and a tagesgeldkonto with comdirect, they have the best interest rate. Yup, stuff is happening…


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