The Leopard Roars

Step one is complete. I have updated my MacBook to OS X Leopard, which looks, at first sight, not very different from what I had previously. Safari and some of the junk that came with Tiger is now optional (or perhaps it always was, but came preinstalled on the MacBook). I’ll have to read up on this a bit. One great thing: my OpenOffice now works like a charm. Goodbye, Office for Mac!!

And best of all: since I got to choose the default language on install, we’re still in English. Ha!


One thought on “The Leopard Roars

  1. I’m glad to hear that. There is already the learning curve for the OS. It helps that you don’t have to relearn what you know just because the language also changed.

    I should get Leopard this week in the mail, and then I can get my system up and running. It will sit on the bar 🙂

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