Tips from the Top

I was going to save my money and not buy any more frivolous magazine, really! But since I caved in last week, I had then ordered the book “Neue Wege der Bewerbung” by Hesse/Schrader. Saturday morning, I had just enough time to pick it up and stick my nose in it before heading up to my dad’s, and I’m so happy I did! It is stuffed with wonderfully creative formatting ideas and great tips on how to make that resume stick out in the right manner that I can’t wait for this coming weekend to sit down and create that kickass application kit!

 My dad knows I’m going to send it to him for review, and that makes me feel better, as well. As far as the car is concerned, he didn’t have too much to say except that if I’m not going to drive long distances much, I should consider getting a gas powered car. Hm. I hadn’t actually thought of that! So, there is something else to think about… good thing my brain’s getting better rest.


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