I Might as well Move In

Next week will be busy week at the movies for this kid! The Luxor is running a good number of films I’d like to see, first and foremost “Michael Clayton”, then “10 000 BC” and the goofball comedy “Meet the Spartans.” But I am very much looking forward to “Vantage Point” and I think that will be my next film – unless I decide to go to a matinee this weekend, then we’ll see.

So, the question we should ask is: can you get square eyes from too much movie watching?


3 thoughts on “I Might as well Move In

  1. Well, I’m sticking to the motto “Nothing takes your mind off an idiot like other idiots.” Also, if I do meet with Dave in June, it’s best to have something to talk about. He recommended this movie (and there you know why THAT would never work out!). 🙂

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