Three Magic Wishes

Sometimes, it feels as if everything is going wrong and nobody cares. But amazingly, even then it only takes  the tiniest of favors to lift your spirit!

Yesterday, I enrolled in a journalistic writing class at the VHS Heidelberg. No, that’s not some weird form of getting even with the past; I simply enjoy writing and want to fine-tune my style a bit. I was worried since the enrollment form stated not to use a savings account for payment, and that’s all I have, but before I left work, I received my enrollment verification. Now, I’m looking forward to those Wednesday nights in April!

This morning, a client called me with a computer problem: he was unable to log in. I tried a couple of tricks, but nothing seemed to work, so I reinstalled the entire middleware, rebooted, and… still nothing! The time was approaching fast when I would have to leave for my morning appointment, so I decided to get my colleague from HQ involved. He walked over to my office, we called my client, and lo and behold!, he says: “Oh, now it’s working!” Sometimes, all it takes is the right techie to stand in the right place at the right time…

At 10:30, I had a photo shoot for German job applications. Just down the street from where I work is the Photo Studio Gös , easy to find and luckily, easy to park too. Mr. Gös was very friendly and professional and managed to make me feel at ease right away, no small feat as I do not particularly like having my photo taken. After taking a number of snapshots, we sat down together and picked the best candidates. Of those, we chose a favorite and created several different cuts. I ordered four prints of two cuts each and also purchased the CD of the entire sitting so that I can use the photos online, too. I am very happy with the results and actually optimistic about creating fabulous application packets! The sitting for these kinds of photos takes 30 minutes and includes eight prints. The price for the sitting is 35 Euro. The CD-ROM with all pictures is an additional 15 Euro.

So while my inbox may be empty and my friends unconcerned, I don’t care because it’s a good day.


2 thoughts on “Three Magic Wishes

  1. I’ve already updated my profil photos on LinkdIn and Xing, but I’ll send you my two favorite ones by email. Oh, and I may have a favor to ask you…

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