Kinotag: Darjeeling Limited

As a teenager, I used to love going to the movies, even alone. In fact, going alone was better. It felt kind of rebellious and good not to have to coordinate with anyone. Frankfurt has so many movie theaters within walking distance of one another, it was easy to just take the subway into town and decide on the spot what to see.

 As an adult, I still love going to the movies. Usually, I go with someone. A lot of times, I’ll go with someone who enjoys seeing movies in their original language. Unfortunately, the Luxor Theatre in Walldorf does not run OmU (Original mit Untertiteln, original version with subtitles) films, and I have a real issue with the way some are dubbed in German.

 Luckily, this issue turned out not to be one last night, when I saw the last run of “Darjeeling Limited” in Walldorf. Starring Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Adrien Brody as three brothers who travel India on a train by the title name, the film is about a spiritual search and overcoming estrangement. Natalie Portman, Bill Murray, and Anjelica Huston appear in smaller roles. The cast is well assembled, the soundtrack lovely – only Peter Sarstedt’s classic “Where do you go to, my lovely?” sounds at first melancholy and sweet, on the second iteration a tad used and finally merely like the sticky sweet sentimental piece of kitsch it is. Everything India is vibrantly colored in this film, and each of the trains the brothers travel on comes in an entire color scheme (turquoise first, later red). And I have learned that everything looks good on Adrien Brody, to include pink boxers, cigarettes, and even a silk handkerchief. 😉

 I left the theater feeling happy, something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing much lately. On the way out to the car, a cute guy held the door for me. And I very nearly slept.


2 thoughts on “Kinotag: Darjeeling Limited

  1. Actually, I will probably buy it, just for the rich colors and the wonderful feel-good adventure. Also, I want to get back at Claudia for making me watch Bollywood all the time… just kidding!

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