I am, therefore I blog

For one-and-a-half years, I have allowed my life to be dominated by a man who didn’t deserve any of it. This year has started with a bang, with several more to follow, and what I need now is to focus on what is good, what can be better, and what I can do to make it so. To say it with Live: “Open up your cage, focus all your rage, the world needs people like you!” I believe that right now I’m creating a lot of incredible energy, only what I choose to do with it is my decision alone. I’ve tried the depressive State of Pain and didn’t like it.

So, let’s move on to the better life!


7 thoughts on “I am, therefore I blog

  1. It started out in English, just felt natural, so I’m going with it unless the muse leaves me. 🙂

    He did the breakup last February, we kept seeing but not doing each other over the summer, hooked back up in September, and the rest, as everything else, is history…

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