Crêpes with a Smile

There is a crêpe stand inside the famila-center where Claudia and I sometimes go to lunch. Although there is a Korean waving kitty sitting in the shelf with the clean glasses, the stand is run by Pakistanis (we’ve asked). I see the same people there all the time, and so whenever I walk by, I say hello, and when I eat there, they say “how are you, madame?” and bring me my usual, “small number six”, which is a freshly made mix of juices. Claudia likes to pick on them for not serving chai, but I’m more for coffee in the afternoon, anyway, so I was disappointed that their coffee machine is currently out of service.

Not to worry, however, the solution was simple: “Just leave your things here, get yourself a coffee from the bakery, and then sit here and drink it.” And that’s what I did.


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